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 The cheese is a food product, essential in our daily lives by its important contribute that gives to feeding and to gastronomic pleasure. Tells an arab legend that a nomad shepherd transported to another place the milk milked that same day, using for this purpose a calf stomach. When he arrived at his destination he found out that the milk he had entered was now a white grainy mass, with nice flavor. The way was open for the development of an art, the art of making cheese.

 And everything starts here…

It is in the location of "Lagoa das Ceiras", geographical area of "Serra da Sicó", where it born the PEASANT SICÓ CHEESE. Obtained from the milk of sheep and goats that graze freely plants characteristics of green meadows of the mountain of Sicó - Santa Maria’s herb, rosemary and broom, make up the trilogy that gives the cheese of the brand “Camponês da Sicó”, a unique and unmistakable flavor. 
Along with the present and in order to satisfy increasingly better our customers, the Dairy Farmer of Sicó combines tradition with new technologies. Demanding in the selection of raw materials and in strict compliance with hygiene standards, guarantees the consumer the excellence of the products manufactured.  
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